WINGFUZZ for Protocol supports black-box and grey-box security testing of software and service utilizing various kinds of protocol, in the fileds like IoT, Industrial Control, Vehicle Control and Blockchain, automatically discovering critical weakness and unknown vulnerabilities.


WINGFUZZ for Protocol with its innovative core engine outperforms comparable tools

In comparison test targeting protocols like RTPS, IEC61850, IEC104


code coverage improvement

In comparison test targeting protocols like TLS, DDS, ICCP, FISCO-BCOS


number of defects found improvement


WINGFUZZ for Protocol has helped the community to find lots of vulnerabilities.

Target Defect Type Detail
Fabric DoS CVE-2022-45196
FISCO-BCOS consensus fairness bug CVE-2022-28937
FISCO-BCOS consensus liveness bug CVE-2022-28936
FISCO-BCOS consensus liveness bug CVE-2022-26534
EOS buffer overflow CVE-2022-26300
HyperLedger Fabric logic weakness CVE-2022-26297
HyperLedger Fabric logic weakness CVE-2022-26295
FISCO-BCOS consensus liveness bug CVE-2021-46359
HyperLedger Fabric break down CVE-2021-43669
Go-Ethereum runtime error crash CVE-2021-43668
HyperLedger Fabric break down CVE-2021-43667
Go-Ethereum SIGBUS CVE-2021-42219
accel-ppp stack-buffer-overflow CVE-2021-42054
libressl stack-buffer-overflow CVE-2021-41581
accel-ppp stack-buffer-overflow CVE-2021-41581
FISCO-BCOS memory leak CVE-2021-40243
FISCO BCOS package decode failure CVE-2021-35041
rudp memory leak CVE-2020-20665
libiec_iccp_mod segmentation violation CVE-2020-20664
libiec_iccp_mod heap-buffer-overflow CVE-2020-20663
libiec_iccp_mod heap-buffer-overflow CVE-2020-20662
IEC104 heap-buffer-overflow CVE-2020-20490
IEC104 stack-buffer-overflow CVE-2020-20486
Cyclone DDS heap-buffer-overflow CVE-2020-18735
cyclone DDS stack-buffer-overflow CVE-2020-18734
IEC104 segmentation violation CVE-2020-18731
IEC104 segmentation violation CVE-2020-18730
libiec61850 heap-buffer-overflow CVE-2018-19185
libiec61850 NULL pointer dereference CVE-2018-19122
libiec61850 SEGV CVE-2018-19121
libiec61850 SEGV CVE-2018-19093
libiec61850 NULL pointer dereference CVE-2018-18937
libiec61850 heap-buffer-overflow CVE-2018-18834
FISCO-BCOS bad free CNVD-2021-80670
FISCO-BCOS en/decryption error CNVD-2021-70168
accel-ppp stack buffer overflow
accel-ppp memory leak
OpenDDS heap buffer overflow
OpenDDS heap buffer overflow
Fast-DDS stack buffer overflow
Fast-DDS stack buffer overflow
Go-Ethereum Data Race
DIEM Unexpected Panic
Fabric Unexpected Panic
Fabric Unexpected Panic


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